Petroleum Supplies, Consumable Materials, Mechanical Equipment and Tools, E&I, Hoisting, Parts and Spare Parts, Rental of Provisional Facilities, among others.

  • Mechanical Hand Tools.
  • Hydraulic Equipment, Torque Equipment.
  • Lifting equipment.
  • Measuring Instruments.
  • EI Equipment, Vibration Measurement Equipment.
  • Laser Alignment Equipment.
  • Power Line Fault Simulation Unit (CP100).
  • Paint Thickness Measurement Equipment.
  • DRLO Low resistance meter.
  • AVANTI 10/AVANTI 3 Hydraulic Wrenches.
  • Hi-pot.
  • Portable Calibration Furnace.
  • Horiba to perform Tunnig and Mapping.
  • Insulation Resistance Meter.
  • Control and Management of Fluids such as Pumps, Valves, Motors. compressors, pumps and electro-submersible motors.
  • Sensors and Frequency Variators.

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